Strasburg Gets His Red On

I like the Strasburg deal. I really do. Who doesn’t like the potential of a 100 mph heater and a killer breaking ball coupled with the grit of a Jonathan Paplebon?  The Nats get a great prospect for not goofy money and the kid gets a record contract and chance to shine. Everybody wins.

What I don’t like is all the breathless jabbering about it. Some people are talking about it like it’s their first kiss. On WJFK 106.7 FM “The Fan” (oh, please) just after the deal was inked, the announcer said all Nats fans must be “ecstatic” at the news. Pleased? Yeah, maybe. Optimistic, sure. Ecstatic? I guess. If I was ten. 
One of the blogs ran the banner headline: “Washington Nationals SIGN STEPHEN STRASBURG!!!!” (exclamation points in the original). Okay, they’re excited. It is a good day for the franchise. I get it. But I think I would have been more excited if they signed Roy Halladay. I am certainly not in the Thomas Boswell camp who said in yesterday’s Post that this signing is the Nat’s “redemption.” One 21-year-old can’t do that all by himself no matter how good he is. There are 24 other guys that need to help too. 

I’m from Missouri on this kid; show me then I’ll get excited. He’s a great college pitcher. Let’s see if that translates to effectiveness in the bigs. I’m willing to wait three or four years to find out if he’s got the stuff.  I don’t expect miracles (and neither should anyone else). And, by God, I hope he is great. But at this point he’s got tremendous potential and he’s completely unproven in a situation where the big dogs run.
Let’s all take a breath, get the stars out of our eyes, and wait to see what happens before we start planning to buy playoff tickets a year from now. Doesn’t the name Jordan Zimmermann mean anything?

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