Morse Walks Off: Nats Break Streak

The hero of the Nationals 2-1 win over the San Diego Padres on Friday was Michael Morse — the result of a first-pitch, bottom of the 9th inning walk off home run that landed in the Friars’ bullpen. The dinger gave the Nationals a badly needed victory, and Morse a triumphant greeting at home plate. But the game will be best remembered for John Lannan’s superb domination of the San Diego line-up.

Lannan’s outing may well stand as the best game he has pitched in his career — a lights out 7.2 inning, 93 pitch masterpiece that resulted in ground ball after ground ball to the left side of the Nats’ infield. The only negative in the game was Drew Storen’s top-of-the-ninth mistake to San Diego shortstop Jason Bartlett, who planted Storen’s pitch over the fence in left to tie the game. The Nationals win snapped a five game losing skid and buoyed the team after a tough, 1-7 road trip.

Those Are The Details, Now For The Headlines: Jayson Werth and Jim Riggleman met on Friday to clear the air after comments from Werth that changes were needed on the team. “He has been around a lot of winning, and we are not winning right now,” Riggleman said. “I think there are other players who are frustrated, and Jayson is becoming one of the voices of the ballclub with his experience in the game. He expressed that frustration.” So, that ends it right? Well, stay tuned . . .

The Nationals have placed lefty pitcher Tom Gorzelanny on the 15 day DL with elbow inflammation, the team said in a press release. Gorzelanny is 2-4 with a 4.25 ERA. It’ll be interesting to see how the Nationals shuffle their rotation to make up for his loss. The injuries are starting to mount. Ryan Zimmerman, meanwhile, is down in Viera, hitting off a tee and recovering from abdominal surgery. He told skipper Riggleman on Thursday that his rehab is going well. But don’t get your hopes up — he’s still not due to return until mid-June. If then.

Mike Rizzo has told Nats hitting coach Rick Eckstein not to talk to the media, Nats beat reporter Bill Ladson reports. Rizzo, according to Ladson, thinks the media only wants to talk to Eckstein when things are going bad — when they’re going good, the media wants to talk to the players. Mike is getting a little testy, eh . . .? The pressure is on — on Riggleman (from Werth), on Rizzo (from the league front office) and now on Eckstein, by reporters who want to know why the team is hitting a pathetic .229.

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